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Smart Identity for Business
Posted .October 06, 2015

Infinity Insurance Partners is excited to announce a new and first to market program that we have launched with our Partners at Merchants Information Solutions called Smart Identity for Business

SmartIDentity for Business is a comprehensive proactive and reactive data breach risk management solution designed specifically with small and medium sized businesses in mind. Included in the SmartIDentity for Business product is a Cyber Liability insurance policy provided by a Nationally Recognized Insurance Carrier with an AM Best Financial Rating of A+ XV to assist the small business owner with the cost of a breach.  This includes;

  • Limit of $10,000 with a $1000 deductible
  • No Application is required
  • Broad Coverage Language

Coverage includes breaches of personally identifiable information (PII) –

  • Personal Information of First Party
  • Third Party Confidential Business Information
  • Credit Monitoring for clients that are affected
  • Notification of Breach
  • Attorney’s Fees

We are so excited about the launch of this innovative product that provides small business's with the proper tools for not only post breach response services but pre breach services that are vital for defending against cyber attacks